On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 05:37:55PM -0700, Raymond, David wrote:
> Quick question: Can got (Game of Trees) be used on an existing git
> repository or does it require a fresh start?
> Dave

Commands which only display repository data work out of the box on
any Git repository. This includes 'got log', 'got tree', and 'tog'.

To make changes with Got you can check out a work tree from any
existing Git repository. Given a Git repository in ~/src/myproject/
you would run something like this:

  got checkout ~/src/myproject src/myproject-got-work-tree
  cd ~/src/myproject-got-work-tree

>From this work tree you can commit changes with Got. Any changes you
commit will show up in the Git repository. Git's work tree will show
such changes as staged changes, and getting Git back on track requires
a command such as 'git reset --hard master'.

Got ignores Git's work tree and treats every Git repository as if it was
a so-called "bare" repository (a repository without a Git work tree).
See 'man git-repository' and 'man got-worktree' for details.

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