> I am confused about SSIZE_MAX and read(2)/write(2).  The POSIX
> SSIZE_MAX is something like 2^15 -1.  This seems to be a real
> limitation when writing to a TCP/IP socket, as I learned from
> experience.  However, much larger reads and writes seem to be possible
> to files and UNIX sockets (pipes).  This makes me uneasy, given the
> warning in the man pages for read(2)/write(2).
> Any insight on this topic would be appreciated.
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> David J. Raymond
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Not in any reasonably modern version of POSIX..


    Maximum value for an object of type ssize_t.

$ grep -R "SSIZE_MAX" /usr/include
./amd64/limits.h:#define SSIZE_MAX      LONG_MAX        /* max value for
a ssize_t */

#ifdef __LP64__
# define LONG_MAX       0x7fffffffffffffffL
# define LONG_MAX       0x7fffffffL


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