On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 04:04:40PM +0100, Thomas de Grivel wrote:
> Hello misc,
> I have a USB M-Audio card which is very well supported by OpenBSD 6.6 amd64
> My question is : how do I setup an USB audio card as the default audio
> device whenever it is plugged in ?
> Also I did not manage to get audio output with environment variables
> only, I had to swap /dev/audio0 and /dev/audio1 and then it worked.
> Could it have something to do with sndiod not running for /dev/audio1
> ?
> In all cases I really like sndio, it is really easy to work with.


You could define the internal device the main one (-f option) and add
the usb device as alternate device (-F option). In this case sndiod
will use the usb one perferably and switch to the internal one when
the usb one is disconnected.

For instance set:

sndiod_flags=-f rsnd/0 -F rsnd/1

in /etc/rc.conf.local and restart sndiod.

There's no way to detect when the usb device is connected
again. sndiod will start using it the next time it needs to open a
device. As programs tend to keep the device open, you could force
sndiod to reopen the devices (and thus switch to the usb one) by
sending it a HUP signal.

On 6.6 you have to "pkill -1 -x sndiod", on -current the rcctl script
does it for you:

        rcctl reload sndiod


-- Alexandre

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