On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 03:33:00PM -0800, Alexander Merritt wrote:
> On 2017-04-12 Stefan Sperling wrote
> > ath10k devices are not supported. They need a new driver because Atheros
> > has changed the driver<->hardware interface with this generation of devices.
> Is there any update? A brief look in the source code and manual did not show 
> anything.

No. I have been too busy with Intel drivers instead.
Currently I am working on a new driver based on iwm(4) for newer
Intel hardware (ax200).
I don't want to work on more than one driver at a time.

It would be great if the industry stopped putting out new chipsets
for a few years so we can manage to catch up.

> What effort is required to implement a new driver, as Stefan mentions? Port 
> something from another BSD? From Linux? Start from scratch?

In this case it can be ported from Linux. However, that is a lot more
involved than mere copy/paste; it essentially requires going through
the entire driver and port the neccessary parts of the code incrementally.
Check Patrick's talk from EuroBSDcon 2019 about bwfm; this is a similar

> My motivation is to build a wireless router supporting 802.11ac (with OpenBSD 
> if possible). Compex WLE600VX and WLE900VX support 867Mbps and 1300Mbps, 
> respectively, according to their data sheets.
> I am not bound to this chipset, if there are alternatives which do work.

The 11n support net80211 and iwm/iwn needs to be completed before
working on 11ac makes any sense. What is lacking in particular on
the way towards 11ac is 40 MHz channel support. Also, Tx aggregation
support needs to be added to iwm(4), as was done in iwn(4) some time ago.

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