February 1, 2020 2:01 PM, "Uwe Werler" <uwe.wer...@retiolum.eu> wrote:

> Thank you very much Gilles for the insights.
> It's not really your fault because it's how our brain works. If we want to 
> get things working we
> are concentrating to get them working - not how to break them. It's amazing 
> that the code worked
> like "intended" - that means you are a very good dev. Logical fallacies hit 
> us every day - we are
> human.

it is my fault but that's the way it is, error is human.

if more people wanted to contribute we could limit risks for logic mistakes,
but as of now there's very few people interested in diving into smtpd.
> I would give +1 to not to deliver mails directly to root.

working on it

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