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>On Jan 31 18:25:45, int1...@airmail.cc wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Recently my 6.6-stable machine lost power while on, which aparently
>> corrupted a softraid crypto partition (not a boot partition) that was
>> mounted. Trying to decrypt it with the same bioctl command i usually
>> use fails with the error:
>>     softraid0: invalid metadata format
>What bioctl command is that?
>> After searching all over the mailing list archives, I couldn't find a
>> solution that didn't destroy data. Some people suggested zeroing the
>> first megabyte and reconfiguring the disklabel, but I'm not sure if
>> would overwrite my existing data.
>Recreate the softraid crypto partition
>and restore the data from backups.

No matter  you try - first  step is to create  a disk clone  via 'dd' and use  
that for your tries to recover -> even if the clone is dead  - it's just a copy.
Then you will have the freedom to test different stuff. 
The first question that comes to my mind is where bioctl stores data about the 
'crypto' (what offset) , so you can use a backup one in your command.
Yet, I've never done crypto on openBSD - just LUKS on Linux.

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Strahil Nikolov

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