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> Me's been following this discussion w/ some interest.
> Personally, meuses lynx(1) (w/o the ports patches, as they interfere w/
> text field editing among other things), in image_links mode w/ feh(1).
> Works like a charm :)

I use lynx a lot, very nice tool. It also helped me to restart my
browsing of gopher sites. There was plenty of them 20+ years ago, now
it is just a handful of servers. But still, better than nothing.

> Occasionally, when really pressed, meruns 'tails', a specialized Lunix
> distro, from a DVD on a spare craptop; at least that way, mecan get rid
> of the bloated, buggy shit by simply turning off the machine.

I do not know tails, only read about it.

Using separate computers for different roles might be a way of the
future. A very convoluted way. But one cannot count too much on
security offered by modern popular cpus and there is always a chance
to be struck by something unexpected: I have just read that bmp file
from game server might make buffer overflow on client side. So, one
machine for gaming, one for reading, one for shopping and one for
work. And one for listing the music.

I will never propose this kind of solution to normal people. :-)

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> Friggin' Machines!

Oh no, it is not the machines. It is their masters.

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