You don't want wine anyway. That is the shining example of badly written 
software which sucked 15 years ago the same way it does today. They tried to 
make it better with cedega, crossover office and what not and failed miserably. 
All you could get out of it is to run basic apps like notepad or calc even 
those with tons of bugs like borders, frames missing, broken fonts, crashes 
etc. They claimed it can run game X,Y,Z but who cares about it when Windows can 
run all games perfectly. This is ain't the 90's man everyone can afford to have 
2-3 or more PCs at home and with all these virtualization supports like vmware, 
virtualbox around which just runs perfectly windows applications in windows I 
even ask the question why is wine still exist, probably it's someones pet 
project who don't want to let it go...

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> Wine for OpenBSD?

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