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>You don't want wine anyway. That is the shining example of badly
>written software which sucked 15 years ago the same way it does today.
>They tried to make it better with cedega, crossover office and what not
>and failed miserably. All you could get out of it is to run basic apps
>like notepad or calc even those with tons of bugs like borders, frames
>missing, broken fonts, crashes etc. They claimed it can run game X,Y,Z
>but who cares about it when Windows can run all games perfectly. This
>is ain't the 90's man everyone can afford to have 2-3 or more PCs at
>home and with all these virtualization supports like vmware, virtualbox
>around which just runs perfectly windows applications in windows I even
>ask the question why is wine still exist, probably it's someones pet
>project who don't want to let it go...
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>On Saturday, April 11, 2020 12:15 PM, Nikita Stepanov
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>> Wine for OpenBSD?

Nah... Some people (like me) doesn't want to have windows at all.

Sadly, karma is a b**ch and now I got a Win VM :)
Yet, you won't need windows just to run a single app occasionally.

I don't claim that wine is great, but it is useful .

For me porting WINE to the BSD family is not worth it and utterly useless.

On the other side  ZFS is a more reasonable approach and if anyone asks -  I 
think that openBSD can securely host VMs and in such use - ZFS or LVM can be 
quite useful.

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Strahil Nikolov

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