On 4/28/20 9:22 AM, David Demelier wrote:
> Le 28/04/2020 à 14:01, Yury Grebenkin a écrit :
>> OpenBSD gives a better sound experience on my machine than several
>> Linux distributions I have used and FreeBSD. Just want to say thank
>> you to all the people involved and state the fact that OpenBSD does
>> make a difference.
> The audio stack is definitely better as we have the clean and simple sndio 
> interface while Linux has to deal with ALSA, Jack, PulseAudio and maybe 
> pipewire at some point.

jack is there on openbsd right. Does it provide considerable more benefits?

> That said, I personally have stuttering when playing music on OpenBSD and 
> doing some CPU “intensive” tasks like many firefox tabs opened. I'd be glad 
> to see if it works better for you and if you tweak the system to avoid that.

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