10 maj 2020 23:00:45 Daniel Jakots <d...@chown.me>:

     On Sat, 09 May 2020 19:17:29 +0200, Tommy Nevtelen
<to...@nevtelen.com> wrote

>     Does anybody on this list manage @OpenBSD_CVS? Would be nice to
> the message truncation from the old 140char limit to the new 280char
> limit. Super annoying when I can't read an interesting commit message
> that is just a little longer  :)

    afresh1@ is pretty busy so your best luck is probably to submit a

request at https://github.com/afresh1/openbsd-commits-to-twitter

I do believe it's using the "new" limit introduced 2017 :)

my $default_maxlen = 280;

I found this on GitHub. Though there a reference in the code to 140.

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