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Also that said, all mothafuckaaa which keep send posts like this, put your head 
within your ass and just accept:  you are OpenBSD user!

Taking into account your earlier kind detailed counter explanation about many 
mentioned issues and mitigations I would not agree that OpenBSD community is 
unwelcome, so that issue seems to be not true too :)

Btw, does not it look like a PR competition of Linux from USA vs OpenBSD from 

OpenBSD prohibits USA citizens to work on its crypto?

I doubt it, but as I am French I have no opinion on these questions.

Serurity is not the only goal of OpenBSD and should not be your only criteria.

-Extract from the FAQ--------------------------------------------

About OpenBSD

The OpenBSD project produces a freely available, multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system. Our goals place emphasis on correctness, security, standardization, and portability.



If you are looking for, try the OSes that attracts you and make the choice that suits you (it can be several). Even if a Ferrari is better than a Renault on a theoretical aspect, I prefer my Renault because it is good enough to go to work and will always cost me less. If you made a mistake you can always go back on your choice or even change your mind.

With practical knowledge and hindsight you will be in a better position to form an opinion on this subject that worries you.


Stéphane Aulery

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