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Subject: Re: OpenBSD insecurity rumors from isopenbsdsecu.re
From: i...@aulix.com
Date: Mon, May 11, 2020 9:18 pm
To: Philip Guenther <guent...@gmail.com>
Cc: OpenBSD misc <misc@openbsd.org>

It is IMHO rather not a matter of trusting your questions, but not my
willingness to answer them right now, but I can answer them later if I
want, it is not a matter of trust but rather a tactics of choosing a
sequence of what to answer and when.

You know there is no a lot of secure enough alternatives to choose from
except OpenBSD, and your commits alone shall not be of that a big problem
and reason to reject OpenBSD since the code is being reviewed by other
OpenBSD participants?

Do you think there are less committers like you in many many Linux
components like Linux kernel, AppArmor, a Linux distro and is there any
other choice for me except OpenBSD and some type of a hardened Linux
without systemd like Devuan or Alpine?

Is not it a childish behavior of yours that is if I do not follow your
method of discussion then I shall not use your work, you ban me from
allowed users at least mentally by your ultimatum not practically of
course as you cannot prohibit me to use any open source products like
OpenBSD or Linux distros.


To give a quick answer and to the point, when OpenBSD originally split
from NetBSD, cryptographic software with any part of it written by US
citizens could not be distributed outside the US without explicit
government approval and licensure. If any revisions are made by US
citizens, the entire code base would also be considered to prohibited to
anyone outside the US without explicit government approval.

If you want further details of the restrictions, lookup ITAR in your
favorite search engine. I do not choose to further test the patience of
most of the other users of the listserve, many of whom are already aware
of this.

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