I believe loongson people are primaly after running some Linux distros for
their processor (new ones), but maybe if you ask them directly about their
plans to donate people's effort / hardware to OpenBSD, might be a good

I asked some months ago about buying Loongson out of China to play wth,
but got no luck.

main point of contact inside Loongson, at least for for alpine Linux port,
is this one:

&#21016;&#23567;&#19996; <liuxiaod...@loongson.cn>

maybe some others can help:


be safe.

Fabio Martins

> According to https://www.openbsd.org/loongson.html only some old
> Loongson-based systems are supported.
> Are there any plans to support the more recent Loongson 3A3000- or the
> current 3A4000-based systems?
> I do not know where OpenBSD MIPS developers are located.
> Apparently the Loongson-based systems are not easily available outside
> China, but it seems Chinese merchants are selling 3A4000+mainboard
> bundles for somewhat less than 500 €, though I do not know if any of
> them ship outside China.
> Philipp

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