On 13/05/2020 13:10, mabi wrote:

> I am currently running OpenBSD 6.5 as firewall with two ix interfaces inside 
> a trunk interface with LACP protocol. On top of that I have a few vlan 
> interfaces so it's basically (ix -> trunk -> vlan).
> Now I saw that OpenBSD has a new interface specifically for LACP which is 
> called aggr. As I will soon be upgrading to OpenBSD 6.6 I was wondering if it 
> is the right time to switch from trunk to the new aggr interface?

More details are at: https://marc.info/?l=openbsd-cvs&m=156229058006706&w=2

> From what I understand the new aggr interface has mainly 2 advantages: it is 
> multi-processor safe and it should be faster than the tun interface. Is this 
> correct?

Assuming you mean trunk, not tun, yes.

> And last point because aggr is pretty new, is it already safe to use it for a 
> production firewall?

I don't see mention of any aggr fixes in the 6.7 changelog, so I guess it 
didn't have any disasters in it. Others are using it on production systems.



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