Nick Holland <> wrote:

> On 2020-05-14 11:08, wrote:
> >> If that binary code was on a ROM, would it be less malicious?
> > 
> > Cannot more recent and up to date binary code be more malicious than
> > old one in the ROM?
> This has nothing to do with OpenBSD.  That can be true for any kind of
> code update, whether it exists in RAM on a device that's loaded by the
> OS at boot time, EEPROM that can be reprogrammed by software, or a
> chip that has to be physically swapped out.
> I actually had Adaptec give me a firmware update with a time bomb in
> it, and didn't bother to tell me that after X days, it would brick my
> adapter and prevent me from updating/downdating it.  If it had been
> stored in RAM, I might have been able to recover it, but since it was
> flashed into EEPROM and prevented the machine from booting, the card
> had to be replaced...and my customer had an outage.

That is completely unrelated to the signed-firmwares which OpenBSD

And we don't have a firmware for Adaptec raid controllers.

These kinds of off-topic additions to stupid conversations don't
help to unstupid the conversations.

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