yes of course! All systems are running amd64 with 768MB or 1GB ram, I
used sysupgrade to upgrade.

The tool works, however, a short notice before rebooting would be nice.
The last thing I saw was upgrading the firmware, then the ssh-connection
stalled (system rebooted). After the upgrade I just thought: wow, that
was fast!

Linux/KVM was straight forward, "like on real hardware".

FreeBSD/bhyve virtualization technology basically uses 2 components: the
bootloader and the hypervisor.

It needs some manual steps (using bhyve-grub as bootloader):

*) sysupgrade -n, then shutdown

*) vm.conf usually has a line like 'grub_run0="kopenbsd -h com0 -r sd0a
/bsd"' - use /bsd.upgrade instead of /bsd - this can also be configured
in grub boot menu

*) Upgrade finishes and reboots again automatically, so in grub use /bsd
again. Using the vm.conf method you need to force the shutdown because
the system is trying to boot /bsd.upgrade again which of course
vanished. (so use /bsd in vm.conf again and start the vm)

So for manual upgrade editing the boot config in grub menu is simple, if
you do automated upgrades going via the vm.conf stuff might be preferable.



On 19.05.20 21:25, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
> You might want to share how you did it. bsd.rd, sysupgrade, manual
> upgrade?

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