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> From: Kevin Chadwick <m8il1i...@gmail.com>
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> Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2020 13:58:39 +0000
> Subject: Thoughts or links on optimally secure defaults for pf.conf and 
> fstab, whilst aiming to minimise support issues.
> We are basing the server part of our products on OpenBSD.
> We care more about reducing support issues than say performance.
> We will have batteries but I hope to deploy some kind of root partition
> redundancy, for upgrades.
> However, Is sync or softdep a better default for the best chance of avoiding
> manual fsck/support issues?

I just recently got to use OpenBSD (before FreeBSD, before that Linux)
and what I found out about recently is FuguIta [1], it seems to be a
OpenBSD Live System, where you can create an encrypted partition and
save state data to it (etc, var, etc.), then read that back after boot
into memory, with that you could have memory only solution going,
which, as they say on their website, can work with as little as 64MB
of ram (without X use).

Now I imagen if you distribute your software on top of OpenBSD, you
could manage to use FuguIta to create your own install system, as you
control the hardware, you can configure the boot without user
interaction (on their website they describe how to create your own

So, If I needed more resilience against power outtages, I would give
fuguIta a try, but of course it depends on your configuration and the
software you are running / service you are providing.


[1] http://fuguita.org

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