Gregory Edigarov wrote:

> Hello, everybody
> does anybody know if there is any tricks?
> In my office pc (currently linux) I have google-chrome installed, and I 
> absolutely need to access it from home.
> "ssh -Y <work pc> google-chrome" just shows an empty and blank window, 
> no menu, no address bar.
> May be there is some command line flags I am not aware of?
> Thank you.

Unless you have 1 Gigabit or higher ssh -Y will be sluggish. Just use 


if you can install x2goserver on your work desktop. It is an
insecure Perl wrapper around NX NoMachine protocol which is just
cleverly compressed ssh -Y. NoMachine used to be free for up to 2
clients but no longer. 


P.S. You should never use ssh -X (insecure X tunneling on non-local

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