Thanks for the  reply.

In the first place,  I was  wondering if creation of /dev/drm1  (same major and 
minor) is even possible. In Linux I can create as many devices I need pointing 
to the same major & minor numbers (for example creating a /dev/null for a 
chroot jail).

If the logic  is the same, then each login can create a separate device and 
later just remove it on logout. Yet,  from security perspective it could be a 
bad solution ...

Best  Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

На 2 август 2020 г. 23:42:08 GMT+03:00, Mihai Popescu <> написа:
>> can somwone explain me ...
>I guess one can, but it must be from old unix days. Things got changed
>mixed, but they are considered ordinary now, so ordinary that even a
>newbie unix book skips them entirely.
>I am curious even now what is the link among shell, terminal, console,
>Even the newbies list is closed.
>All this will not hinder OpenBSD development, so use it as it is and
>try to
>grab some answers from internet, good or bad ones it is to you to

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