On 25/5/20 15:05, Demi M. Obenour wrote:
How can I force all IPv6 packets sent via a certain route to:

- Be directed out of a certain interface
- Sent to a certain MAC address
- Regardless of whether NDP works?

I don’t know the peer’s IPv6 address, but I do know the interface
and MAC address.

Insert a route that points to a "fake router" (with the "fake router" being a fake link-local address). And also insert a static entry in the Neighbor Cache, where the "fake router" is mapped to the MAC address that you know.

(which address you pick for the fake router is rather irrelevant, as long as it's not in use. So something along the lines of fe80::0123:4567:890a:bcde will probably work fine).

(and appologies for the timing :-) )

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