One of the CDNs would seem the obvious answer to your problem. Or have you 
already tried them ?

Addresses are :
Fastly (CDN)
Cloudflare (CDN)
Verizon Digital Media Services (CDN)

19 Oct 2020, 14:13 by

> Hello y'all,
> Thank you for 6.8 and a painless way to upgrade.
> Just out of curiosity and as a sidenote: downloading from Brazil was
> always faster for me than from Canada or Europe.
> Is there any information available about what happened to the South
> American mirrors of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay? They are still there
> with 6.6 and 6.7 but no 6.8 and accordingly already do not show up in
> the mirror list.
> Do those mirrors not comply anymore with the requirements for mirrors or
> will they come up later with 6.8 or is it due to the situation of the
> pandemic and the closure of the universities?
> Does anyone know?
> Cheers
> Eike
> --
> Eike Lantzsch ZP6CGE
> 01726 Asuncion / Paraguay

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