I heard someone on this mailing list is creating a home gateway with 
firewall,VPN, web proxy, DNS blocker, privacy filter, even with its own 
I never got a name but they maybe might peek their head above water if they see 
this thread.
>From what I heard it is and all in one security, media, dev hub and NAS 
>gateway using OpenBSD as a base with an easy to use portal.
If true I would be begging for it.  But someone might talk somewhere  :) ... 
maybe.  As I know that they should be going commercial soon.

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On Monday, 14 December 2020 22:09, Lari Huttunen <open...@huttu.net> wrote:

> Cheers!
> For the past couple of weeks I've been tinkering on a hobby project, whose 
> aim is
> make it easier for users to improve their privacy on the network level and 
> make it
> easier for them to access geo-fenced Internet resources.
> I've documented the prototype here and comments, feedback, corrections are 
> most
> welcome. I hope people trying to learn about rdomain(4) and openvpn(8) on 
> OpenBSD
> can at least get something out of it.
> https://www.huttu.net/posts/rtable/
> Best regards,
> Lari Huttunen
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