Stuart, one more thing, many of us have a question for you.
Why does Theo, someone we have a huge amount of respect for, give you such 
leeway in the forum?
You are Linus loving pseudo-tech.  A very much pointless person although you 
reply to sooo sooo many threads.
You know your idol doesn't even use Linux himself right?  Linus uses BSD, 
Darwin, because the 11 million lines of linux code is such a peace of crap he 
cannot even use it in his daily life, too unstable and insecure.  Not a single 
stable distro except maybe RHEL which requires massive effort to keep clean.

A beautiful idea terribly corrupted. Imagine losing your rag with us in 98 and 
then copying Unix really fecking badly, slapping your name on it, and then not 
making a single viable distro that doesn't break with almost every update.
He played a great joke on the tech society on the world as a whole.  hahaha.  
He followed Gates with the spread of the unusable.  Good model it seems.
SME alone we get 20-50 major hacks on the linux domain at great cost to B2B a 
year, let alone wrapping DMZ after DMZ on LE.
Some communities are trying hard to keep stable but it is an uphill battle.

So a few of us were wondering why you are here.  Do you bring in the big donos? 
 Did you marry someone's sister, cat, hamster?  Let us know if you can.
Did you get lost maybe .... fell into the forum by accident thinking it was 
Linux? :). It is not.  It is something built a little better.

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On Wednesday, 16 December 2020 22:46, Stuart Henderson <> 

> On 2020-12-16, pipus wrote:
> > I am sure they will inform once they launch
> If they do, I hope they stick to one single mail without a load of
> nonsense and no stupid jpeg attachments. This is a mailing list for
> discussions of OpenBSD not a marketing forum.

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