> 22. mai 2021 kl. 17:02 skrev Mogens Jensen <mogens-jen...@protonmail.com>:
> Let's say I'm assigned dynamic IP address from my ISP on
> external interface em0.
>  antispoof em0 inet
> Expands to:
>  block drop in on ! em0 inet from to any
>  block drop in inet from to any
> At some point when the IP lease is renewed, the ISP has assigned an
> address from another block e.g. I would now think that
> the block rules created by antispoof are obsolete as they are not
> updated with the new address, but why should it still work without
> interface name in parentheses?

I frankly haven’t tested what you describe in real life, but I think you have 
understood correctly. If your ISP throws you into a different network on lease 
renewal, things would go sideways without the parentheses.

The two expand slightly differently, btw:

[Sat May 22 17:14:23] peter@zelda:~$ cat antispoof
antispoof for ure0
[Sat May 22 17:14:27] peter@zelda:~$ doas pfctl -vnf antispoof
block drop in on ! ure0 inet from to any
block drop in inet from to any
[Sat May 22 17:14:30] peter@zelda:~$ cat antispoof_paren
antispoof for (ure0)
[Sat May 22 17:14:39] peter@zelda:~$ doas pfctl -vnf antispoof_paren
block drop in on ! ure0 from (ure0:network) to any
block drop in from (ure0) to any

(Just now on a -current machine)

All the best,
Peter N. M. Hansteen

Peter N. M. Hansteen, member of the first RFC 1149 implementation team
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