Thanks Sebastian, and this situation seems different from the thread that informed me, as my "stall" starts immediately at the Renewing transition and lasts nearly 30 minutes until the client broadcasts.  I believe Florian's fix was for a 20 second or so dropout at the end, where my situation starts right at the Renewing process.

Also, I don't know how to apply a diff, heh.  Looks like I would use sysupgrade(8) to apply the snapshot and that is worth a try.



On 11/14/2021 4:23 PM, Sebastian Benoit wrote:
Peter Gorsuch( on 2021.11.13 08:25:00 -0500:
Hi All,

As [Renewing] begins and during the renewing cycle (as I view
configuration with dhcpleasectl -l fxp0) about halfway through the
ISP'one hour dhcp lease, the external interface seems to become "stalled".

"Stalled" is a term that describes the experience of using a host on the
lan, as one's video is fine, then stops, then starts up again after some
period of time.

This on a dual homed i386 GENERIC installation planned to be a router
and run unbound and dhcp for the lan.
Subject to my understanding, I'm informed by and I
imagine there is some interplay with the dhcp rebinding/renewing
timer(s) and name resolution.
Have you tried the fix suggested by florian@ in that thread?

If not you can upgrade to the latest snapshot, that change was commited

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