ti 22. maalisk. 2022 klo 5.25 Eric Thomas <e...@ericthomas.net> kirjoitti:

> Hello,
> I'd like to learn about secure networking (PKI, x509 certs, DNS, IPS, etc.)
> and generally
> harden my home network using OpenBSD. Can I use OpenBSD services AND have
> it act as a desktop workstation on the same machine?

 My answer is no and yes. This is based on the laziness factor.

No part is that sometimes the services may work locally OK but not work
from the network.
Also it is much nicer to work from the sofa with a laptop and not listen to
the server making its noise.

The yes part is that it is so nice to have even some real computer to surf
when everything seems to be broken and the next step would be to start all
over again.

It is so nice to start xenodm, login and surf to find the solution to the
problem and fix it. if some part of the network configuration is still

Best regards,
Hannu Vuolasaho

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