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 |Steffen Nurpmeso <stef...@sdaoden.eu> writes:
 |> This is only the git built-in variant, but git-send-email can make
 |> use of external tools, and i, in fact, _never_ (since before 2015)
 |> used a different variant (for real).  The little MUA i maintain
 |> documents something like
 |>      [sendemail]
 |>      smtpserver = /usr/local/bin/s-nail
 |>      smtpserveroption = -t
 |>      #smtpserveroption = -Sexpandaddr
 |>      smtpserveroption = -Athe-account-you-need
 |>      ##
 |>      suppresscc = all
 |>      suppressfrom = false
 |>      assume8bitEncoding = UTF-8
 |>      #to = /tmp/OUT
 |>      confirm = always
 |>      chainreplyto = true
 |>      multiedit = false
 |>      thread = true
 |>      quiet = true
 |>      annotate = true
 |>    Newer git(1) versions (v2.33.0) added the option sendmailCmd.
 |> You could also "simply" send format-patch output with anything you
 |> wanted, including OpenBSD base tools (i presume .. but never tried
 |> it).
 |Thank you very much for your detailed response to my query! I did not
 |realise that we could use a local external tool with git-send-email. The
 |configuration with /usr/bin/s-nail looks like a neat approach---I'll try
 |it out.

Well i have not tried it in many years actually.  Now that i do..
I personally use format-patch and have wrapper scripts around it
(like with --output-directory and --cover-letter, and then
iterating over the output) -- this used to work about ~11 years
ago already.
git send-email fiddles with MIME and all which the mailer really
wants to do itself.  (It is original BSD "Mail" in that -t cannot
take readily prepared MIME emails yet.)  So adding
"transferEncoding = 8bit" to the above seems a good thing todo,
but with that it should make it.
(Of course simply piping the ready thing into any MTA like say
postfix or what .. aka sendmail(1), is likely even easier.)

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