On Wed, Jul 12, 2023 at 06:28:47PM +0200, Matthias Pressfreund wrote:
> Why does 'cvs diff -D...' on the OPENBSD_7_2 branch
> include changes from before the given date?

Because cvs -D resolves to the most recent revision no later than
the given date, and the OPENBSD_7_2 tag contains files that were
not modified since OPENBSD_7_1.

For instance, config.c has the same revision in OPENBSD_7_1 and
OPENBSD_7_2. The latest change to that file on the OPENBSD_7_2 branch,
no newer than -D2023-07-11, happened before 7.1 was tagged.
There is a newer config.c change on HEAD and OPENBSD_7_3 but you won't
see that change in a working copy checked out with -rOPENBSD_7_2.

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