A small number of us with AMD Ryzen 9 (i.e. chips in the 7x000 range)
machines have been experiencing regular (often daily), or semi-regular
hangs, but without any obvious cause.

What we don't know is if we're the unlucky few, or whether this might be a
wider issue. So, to see if there is some sort of pattern going on (e.g. are
certain motherboards / BIOSes correlated with hangs or not?), I'd like to
poll Ryzen 9 OpenBSD users. At a minimum we'd need to know:

  CPU model (e.g. "7900x")
  Motherboard (e.g. "MSI PRO670-X")
  Have you experienced crashes? (Yes/No) If "Yes":
      what frequency (e.g. "daily/weekly/no obvious pattern")?
      are there are obvious causes (e.g. "happens when I run program X")?
      have you found any mitigations (e.g. "updated BIOS")?
  Ideally a dmesg too

We're as interested in Ryzen 9 users who aren't experiencing hangs as who
are! Please feel free to reply to the list, or to me individually, and I'll
collate the information and see if there are any patterns or not.

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