On Wed, Jul 19, 2023 at 11:36:55AM +0900, lain. wrote:
> 90% of the developers make bad code, yes.
> Either because of their lack of experience, their choice of tools, or
> because of requirements set by managers who just follow the latest
> trends without having any knowledge of programming themselves.
> The remaining 10% are highly skilled developers providing the best user
> experience, the OpenBSD, Go, Zig, and Suckless teams are among those
> developers.
> Thierry (the guy who made TempleOS by himself) was one of them too, but

Terry Davis

> he's no longer alive.
> And Dennis (known for Unix, C, and Plan9), but he too is dead.
> And some other hidden gems too, all of these people have one thing in 
> common: they all keep their codebases as simple and clean as possible.
> On 2023年07月18日 17:26, Ibsen S Ripsbusker wrote:
> > Dear colleagues,
> > 
> > About 20 years ago I read in some OpenBSD documentation, likely the
> > installation instructions, that we want people to copy our OpenBSD even
> > if to use it even in proprietary products, because the alternative is
> > that incompetent people write their own software instead of copying and
> > then the users suffer. I found this particular passage to be very well
> > written. Does someone know where I might find this wonderful passage?
> > 
> > With great honor,
> > 
> > Ibsen
> > 
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> lain.
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