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> Hi,
> I have installed libvirtd and virt-manager on 7.3.
> It seems not matter what I do, libvirtd doesn't not want to start.
> It always errors with no such group "root". I have changed unix_group
> to wheel and tried staff also, but it seems no matter which group I specify
> in .conf files (libvirtd.conf, qemu.conf, etc) it complains about "root" 
> group.
> Did anyone managed to run libvirtd under Openbsd? 

libvirtd itself isn't terribly useful on OpenBSD, it doesn't support
vmd (i.e. you can only use it with qemu), so this probably hasn't been
noticed before.

it might work to build the port with "CONFIGURE_ARGS += -Dqemu_group=wheel"
added to the Makefile, but there may well be other things broken with it too.

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