Centuries ago, Nostradamus predicted that Eric Furman would write on Mon Jul 24 
13:03:36 2023:

> Me, personally, I have blocked all email from .us domains.
> I know that there are some emails from .us that are legitimate,
> but after doing so the amount of Spam I have to deal with
> dropped dramatically. In my experience 99.9999% of
> emails from .us are SPAM.
> You might want to invest in another email address.

I question whether this topic remains of interest to the readers of
this mailing list, since it no longer has anything to do with OpenBSD,
only with the character of the man who insulted me when I first tried
to join the misc@openbsd.org mailing list.  Moreover, the appearance
on this mailing list of such postings may distract people from other
postings more deserving of their attention, such as the long, but
immeasurably interesting, posting that appeared yesterday about the
inability of the OpenBSD bootloader to boot OpenBSD, which as of this
writing has elicited no replies.  Nonetheless, since you made your
remark publicly, I shall offer my response publicly.

I have no knowledge of the other subdomains of .us but I am certain
that you have had zero, or close to zero, illegitimate mail from any
computer in the chicago.il.us domain.  Therefore I urge you to make
chicago.il.us an exception to your rule.  Also, you just sent e-mail
to me -- a copy of the message that you sent to the mailing list --
and it is quite rude for you to send me mail, and block mail that I
might send back to you in reply.

I am one of the administrators of the chicago.il.us domain, and we are
careful about the people whose computers we admit into it.  Please do
not take this as a challenge to prove me wrong, but as far as we know,
none of them has ever been a spammer.

My computer has always had a name in the chicago.il.us domain because
it is the easiest thing in the world for me to edit the zone file, add
an A record, and restart named.  An e-mail address in any other domain
would be, even if not more costly, much more inconvenient.  Moreover,
although we do use greylisting on incoming mail to our nameserver, our
451 messages are polite and do not insult people, which makes us
better citizens of the e-mail community than the system administrator
of mail.openbsd.org.

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