Hi Stuart,

> > 1. Could there be negative consequences of not running fw_update or
> > installboot before reboot?
> It means that you don't get the microcode updates, if any are available
> for your cpu.

Until I run fw_update, installboot and reboot again right? To put it
differently, is the end result between

# syspatch
# reboot
# fw_update 
# installboot -v sd0
# reboot


# syspatch
# fw_update 
# installboot -v sd0
# reboot

any different?

> > 2. If no, is it still bad practice to run 'syspatch && reboot' as a
> > cronjob?
> It depends whether you want to review patches before installing them,
> for example to assess whether they're applicable to you, or the
> potential risk of them breaking something. For some machines I do use
> automatic updates (usually when there are multiple machines running a
> service so it doesn't matter if one is down for a bit), for others it
> would be more of a problem if it didn't come back up nicely afterwards
> and there I'd prefer to run it by hand.

Makes sense, thank you :)

> regardless of whether the physical CPU on your VM host is an affected
> AMD, this string won't match what fw_update is looking for, so the
> microcode "firmware" package won't be installed anyway.

Understood! Thank you for the explanation.

PS. apologies for the poor formatting in my previous email. Forgott to
'set tw=72' :S

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