A week ago my open bsd firewall started to show a very strange behaviour.
I have the ssh-daemon running and ususally log-in remotely to be able to
administrate the pf.conf file. But now I cant log in. Ok, maybe I've just
forgott my password. I booted in single user mode and changed it, then
booted normally but couldn't log in anyway. I booted in single user mode
again changed it to another password, changed to another user (using su)
and then changed user to root again (again using su). Was prompted for the
password, entered it and login was again rejected. When i tried to change
the password it complained that something was wrong with a file called
/etc/master.passwd. When looking at the file it contained parts of my
pf.conf file.

Have I've been hacked or is it just a major error done from my side.

I understand that the information probably isn't enough but if someone
could guide me further I would be very happy.

Jonas Lindskog

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