On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 09:13:16AM +0100, Tobias Ulmer wrote:
> KDE cares in so far as they accept patches and would welcome a developer
> that targets OpenBSD. I know because I've talked to some of them on IRC.
> There's however no effort to do it themselves or even set up a testbox
> to make sure all their developers would notice that their applications
> don't work on !Linux.

Well, most of their stuff does work on... windows these days. How non-portable
is that ?

Seriously, the issues about hal and policykit only impact you if you want
kde as a full desktop with all sysadmin. For most of us, who actually only
care about kde apps, such as digikam, amarok or konqueror, that's not such
a big issue.

The main issue is probably that KDE is C++, and modern and nice C++ at that.
In most cases, making things work with another OS is just a question of
figuring out the right API.

Of course, it makes it completely impossible to hack on KDE if you're in
the "C++ is crap, everything that matters should be written in C" mentality.
(in fact, KDE is probably the biggest example of readable C++ code I give
to people. Doesn't hurt that it follows on the steps of Qt, which is itself

So there.

Even among OpenBSD porters, there are just a few of us who do grok enough C++
to hack on kde or qt. That probably explains a lot.  The fact that it's
incredibly more efficient than that java crap won't stop newcomers from
learning java instead of C++, though.

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