I am using OpenSMTPD 5.3.3p1 portable release on Ubuntu 64 bit.

I am trying to set up Clamav with OpenSMTPD following:

But I am stuck with my own setup.
The setup is as follows:

listen on lo
listen on eth0 tls certificate mail.pragmasec.nl auth-optional hostname
listen on eth0 port 587 tls certificate mail.pragmasec.nl auth hostname
expire 7d
table vdomains "/usr/local/etc/vdomains"
table vusers "/usr/local/etc/users"
accept from any for domain <vdomains> virtual <vusers> deliver to mda
"procmail -f -"
table aliases db:/usr/local/etc/aliases.db
accept for local alias <aliases> deliver to mda "procmail -f -"
#accept for any relay
### ClamAV
listen on lo port 10025 tag CLAM
accept tagged CLAM for any relay
accept for any relay via smtp://
### Clamav

Now all mail is catched by the 'accept from any for domain <vdomains>
virtual <vusers> deliver to mda "procmail -f -"' rule.

How can I ensure that all incoming and TLS+AUTH smtp sessions are setup
via the proxy (smtp:// => ClamSMTP) ?



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