Edgar Pettijohn <ed...@pettijohn-web.com> wrote:
> Is anyone using this filter?

Yes, I got it running yesterday using OpenBSD 5.9's opensmtpd-extras package.

> smtpd.conf
> filter filter-dkim-signer dkim-signer "-D mydomain -p 
> /etc/mail/private.key -s selector1"

Part of the problem is the spaces here. At least, when I tried with a space
before the argument for "-p", I got a file not found error. I also ended up
having to wrap each individual argument in quotes, though I'm not sure if this
was necessary. Here's what I have in my smtpd.conf:

    filter filter-dkim-signer dkim-signer "-Dryanak.ca" 
"-p/var/db/dkim/_may2014.ryanak.ca.key" "-smay2014"
    filter all chain filter-dkim-signer


    listen on lo0 filter all
    listen on vio0 filter all secure pki ryanak.ca
    listen on vio0 port submission filter all tls-require pki ryanak.ca auth 


    accept from local for any relay

In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have the filter applied on the second
"listen on" line, because I this causes incoming mail to also be DKIM signed.

Hope this helps,

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