>> I’d be up for it. Although I’m still running 5.9 on my mail server, I’m 
>> thinking of upgrading. I knew that filters are experimental (and really to 
>> test the API, not the filters themselves), however I’ve decided to use some 
>> of them and would like to continue doing so. The dnsbl is the one I’d miss 
>> the most. 
>> All other functionality in my config uses traditional approach, with 
>> relaying over smtp to a daemon (spamd, clamav, dkim_proxy, etc) listening on 
>> lo interface, and all seems to be working fine. 
> Assuming that that is OpenBSD spamd then I may be able to help you
> with your dnsbl desire.
> I have a python script that runs every 15 mins (inside the spamd
> whitelist time) that checks for new entries, looks them up against a
> dnsbl and blacklists if appropriate.  Note that this code would be
> provided "as is" & whilst it works for me I make no guarantees as to
> anything.  It probably isn't suitable for anything vaguely high
> volume.
> A better hack than what I'm doing currently would be to abuse the
> spamd sync feature which provides a much more timely notification of
> activity, but I haven't found the round tuits to do it and am unlikely
> to do so.

I am very interested in that script as well. Would be great to have a blacklist 
function in spamd based on RBLs.


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