Hello misc@,

It's been calm for a while due to "real-life (tm)" events that had
to be handled in priority as far as I'm concerned, I don't know of
the reasons why the others are slacking though :-)

I've been willing to send this mail for a while to outline some of
the big plans for 2017 regarding OpenSMTPD and some of the changes
that are planned in different parts of the daemon.

First of all, regarding filters, since that's the question that is
coming the more often:

Filters are neither dead or alive.
We have implemented an API and the mechanics to make that API work
and this is what people started using while we warned them not to.

Turns out that while implementing a specific filter I hit an issue
which made it clear that there was a fundamental design issue with
the mechanics below the API that couldn't be worked around without
requiring a non-trivial refactor.

We had a long chat with eric@ about this design issue and how this
could be redesigned in a way that all the work we've done is still
usable and we figured a way which will reuse a big part of what we
already did, which guarantees that we will not find a design error
later down the chain and which as a bonus simplifies the daemon.

We're going to be working towards this way but now that we have an
experience in how providing the code early turned into a nightmare
for me, we'll work in a private branch then show the diff when the
code is working enough that it can be part of snapshots :-)

Then, regarding the MTA we're going to do a pass of simplification
because the code has evolved into something quite complex and from
experience gathered in the mail industry these last few years, the
code can be made much more efficient while MUUUUUUUUUCH simpler.

Finally, there is ongoing work that's going to span over months to
improve some configuration structures which is going to have a lot
of interesting side-effects which I'm going to keep as a surprise,
but that are going to be impressive. I personnally look forward to
this more than filters given the amounts of improvements this will
unlock in many areas ranging from configuration, to reload, to MTA
and MDA.

Stay tuned !

Gilles Chehade

https://www.poolp.org                                          @poolpOrg

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