Hey guys,

I have set up an OpenSMTPD server to use as mailing server for corporate
spam and phishing simulations.
The server will typically get a bunch of emails (50-1000) to be sent to
the same domain.

Are there any configuration options that will help optimize this

Currently I'm experiencing two issues:

The target mailserver drops mails because too many are sent (around
(I guess a whitelist on target server is best solution, but limiting
outgoing speed could be easier?).

OpenSMTPD is blocking my client that is sending mails with:
452 4.5.3 Too many recipients: Too many messages sent

Especially the last one is an issue for me.

Current config:

listen on lo tag TO_DKIM hostname $domain mask-source
listen on lo tag FROM_DKIM port 10029 hostname $domain
accept tagged TO_DKIM sender "@$domain" for any relay via
smtp:// hostname $domain
accept tagged FROM_DKIM for any relay hostname $domain

Thanks! :)


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