Hi there again,

I really dont get it ...

the documentation tells me that both tools, smtpctl and doveadm, generate a bcrypt hash that should be usable for both applications to use as auth parameter

but reality on my setup is different, I can:

 - have a clearPassword and I can auth with dovecot but not with
 - I can have a doveadm pw -s BLF-CRYPT Password and can auth Dovecot
   but not with OpenSMTPD
 - I can have a smtpctl encrypt password and can auth with OpenSMTPD
   but not with Dovecot

I have these kind of strings stored in my userPassword attribute in LDAP and I tell dovecot in ldap conf to use default schema blf-crypt.

What totally confuses me is the fact when and how dovecot is going to decide to generate a hash for the password that comes in as a cleartext password anyway? Or is the assumtion just wrong that a hash is interchangeable between dovecot and openSMTPD?

The next question would be ...why does it work for other ppl?

Totally lost here :(


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