On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 07:42:50PM +1000, Damian McGuckin wrote:
> Where are simple filters at? I noticed they are still experimental? Has
> anything progressed recently?
> Just looking for something that will allow blocking on Sender, Recipient,
> and Subject (with pattern matching for all of these).

Yes, there's active work in that area with a roadmap to include a filter
layer in OpenSMTPD 6.3 (to be released around May 2018).

They're likely going to be finished before we release OpenSMTPD 6.2 this
year in November but too close to make it to the release. We'll start to
ship them in snapshots as soon as we can though.

I'll talk about that at EuroBSDCon

> As a potential alternative, how much extra load is placed on the OpenSMTPD
> server by lots, i.e. tens, of lines of the 'reject from ..' mechanism with
> explicit sender/recipient names or domains.

not much, ruleset matching is quite fast and using SQL backend there are
probably some tricks to match patterns with just a few lines anyways.

Gilles Chehade

https://www.poolp.org                                          @poolpOrg

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