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> I have three domains and have created my own certificates for them but
> I cannot get OpenSMTPD to work with all of them, just one.
> listen on egress port 587 tls-require pki mail.garybainbridge.email 
> auth <secrets>

Specifying the pki is indeed wrong if you want multiple domains to work
(unless all of them are part of a single certificate, which is not the
case here of course).

> Everything works great like this, except if I try to connect with
> Thunderbird without a pki.
> For example, if I try to retrieve emails via IMAP with Thunderbird it
> works for garybainbridge.mail, but no for domain2.com and user info. 
> In /var/log/maillog it shows "reason=ca-failure" and I can't add
> another line such as: "listen on egress port 587 tls-require pki
> mail.domain2.com  auth <secrets>" because it doesn't work.
> If I just use "listen on egress port 587 tls-require" then I can't get
> Thunderbird to work because I get "reason=ca-failure"
> How can I get it working with multiple domains and certificates?

This last version (`listen on egress port 587 tls-require`) should work
though (for reference, my corresponding line is `listen on enp1s0f0 port
587 hostname $servername tls-require auth <passwd> mask-source`). Can
you configure it this way and share one of the other domain names
(privately if you want) so I can try by myself and see what could be wrong?


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