I am about to manually update 6.3 to 6.4 and update new configurations.
I realize that getting the IP address is not concealable. The domain has
private registration.
It is likely that certain people will assume that I am behind the site,
but I would like keep from having any actions taken against the site.

My concern is that the site will bring up a very negative viewpoint and
also some good suggestions about fixing the problems. The site does not
deal with anything illegal or violent or anything like that. It will
just make some controversy. I am still making sure I really want to do
this site into production.

My hip is being replaced December 3rd. I'm taking a lot of Morphine and
Oxycodone right now, so I am probably going to ask some stupid RTFM
questions out of need.

Thank you so much for making OpenSMTPD! I love it. 
If you need any help testing, let me know.
I'd love to help with catching errors or the lack of an error message
when something is wrong.

Chris Bennett

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