Hello list! Please look at my match-action definitions:

action "mbox" mbox alias <aliases>
action "mda" mda "/usr/local/bin/procmail" alias <aliases>
action "relay" relay
action "relay_dkim" relay host smtp://

match for local action "mbox"
match from any for domain <domains> action "mda"    #2nd match
match tag DKIM for any action "relay"                           #3rd match
match auth from any for any action "relay_dkim"          #4th match

I have some questions about matches.
1) If I remove "from any" in the second match, smtpd will not accept any
mail from internet. Why?
2) In the 4th match, again, without "from any" I can't send mail to
anywhere. How can I know, where i need to use "from any" and where i don't?
For example 3rd match work without "from any"
3) is this config comosed secure and correctly?
maybe it is option to use
match auth from <domains> for any action "relay_dkim" ?
if this work, it can partially help to prevent spamming from compromised

Also, is there any way to limit mta sending only from ipv4?


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