Hi Gilles,

On 11/29/18 9:17 AM, Gilles Chehade wrote:

there are multiple reasons behind that:

- smtpd can be killed/restarted right away without having to do cleanups
   and given that other MTA are supposed to retry transfers if connection
   drops, the complexity of dealing with reloading when you could just do
   a plain restart was not worth it. reload would be nice, it's not a big
   deal as far as i'm concerned and not high on my todo.

I agree that this is not a high-prio task. But when I sent a HUP to
smtpd, it was gone afterwards. Thats the unexpected part, but maybe
it is still better then silently ignoring the HUP, still running
the old configuration.

My suggestion would be to mention it in the man page.

Thanx very much. Keep on your good work


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