On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 10:35:21PM +0100, Gilles Chehade wrote:
> The FAQ has been removed from the website twice for the same reason, and
> if you work on it but it then goes unmaintained and people start mailing
> me that I should fix the FAQ, I'll have to remove it again a third time.
> I'm all for having an FAQ but it must come from people willing to become
> maintainers and not release a version of it and leave.

Yes, I was very disappointed when the previous FAQ didn't have accurate
information. I would much rather see you working on OpenSMTPD itself
rather than a FAQ, which is a lot of work just to make, much less

I have found various FAQ's all over the place that just don't have
accurate information and throw in anti-spam programs I just don't want
to use. Of course, not enough information to understand how to skip one
of those unwanted ones. So I have essentially found all of them
basically useless, which is sad but true.

I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I'm trying to pull together a bunch of
things besides just email all at once.

I grabbed a baremetal at Vultr in addition to the one I am actually
using elsewhere. I'm trying to get everything running as I need it to at
Vultr before moving everything onto it officially. Having two baremetals
gives me a great way to bounce things back and forth until everything is
really truly working correctly.

But I have lots of questions about things I have never done before.
I'm very puzzled by how to correctly set up DKIM and DMARC.
Which programs should I be using and why? I looked at opendkim and the
manual pages are so long and convoluted with so many options that it
leaves me throwing up my hands in frustration. I know that once I
understand all of it, it will probably be completely clear, but not yet.
So which program(s) for DKIM to use? Is this something for example that
would be reasonable to add as a port like opensmtpd-dkim?

I'm perfectly happy to use postgresql with OpenSMTPD and Dovecot.
I have yet to find any example SQL tables anywhere for either.
This would work great for me to integrate certain customers with in a
larger database set up.

Maildir, mbox, dovecot's own mailboxes. I seem to find arguments for and
against each choice. Right now I can make a choice, but which one?

I also have found a probable need to use auth to allow only special
users to relay mail.

Right now, I have two servers. IP addresses which can get burned if I
screw up and two domains that can also get burned since I'm not using
I'm 100% willing to run through all kinds of different configurations
and I have lot's of questions that would probably be great ones for a
FAQ. So I volunteer for guinea pig. I'll try it all for the FAQ.

BUT, if there is a FAQ, it's going to need to be set up with tests to
see when previous advice fails. Otherwise, I just don't see anyone even
knowing when and what to fix. "Oh, that didn't work. I'll do this other
way instead." isn't going to get anything maintained.

I'm happy (and needful) to try all the different ways. I can't commit to
writing the FAQ myself.

So, if I see this correctly, someone needs to grab two or three servers
every six months, run though all the options, see what fails and report
back, drop the servers?

I'll help,
Chris Bennett

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