Yes The mailbox of farid is on the host
At least several years ago when I set the server up, I had to have the
alias from farid to
Otherwise the email headers had traces of
I could maybe have solved it in another way, but this did the trick back

I don't know why the from field is empty.
I sent the test e-mail by doing this: "/bin/sh /etc/daily".
That is since I noticed the problem when I didn't receive the daily e-mails
after the upgrade to 6.4.

On Sat, Jan 12, 2019 at 1:14 AM Thomas Bohl <>

> I reread you first Mail and I'm not sure any more if I understand what
> you try to achieve.
> Is the mailbox of farid on
> If yes, I see no need for a further alias from farid to
> (I assume there is a farid user on dovecot's site.)
> Secondly, why are our from=<>s empty? How are you sending your test mails?
> $ echo test | sendmail root
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