On Tue, Feb 05, 2019 at 12:57:32PM +0100, Tor Houghton wrote:
> Hello,
> In 6.2 smtpd.conf, I had the following syntax for delivery to mlmmj:
> accept from any for domain <mlmmj-domains> virtual <mlmmj-aliases> \
>   deliver to mda "/usr/local/bin/mlmmj-recieve -L 
> /var/spool/mlmmj/%{rcpt.user:lowercase|strip}/"
> I understand I now need to split this into and "action" and a "match" line, 
> but I'm having issues .. 
> All help appreciated!
> Kind regards,

Scratch that - given a bit more time, I was able to fix this. Solution for 
future reference:

action "mda_alias" mda "/usr/local/bin/mlmmj-recieve -L 
/var/spool/mlmmj/%{rcpt.user:lowercase|strip}/" alias <mlmmj-aliases>

match from any for domain <mlmmj-domains> action "mda_alias"

Kind regards,

Tor Houghton

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